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About Me: hhhmmm, I don't really know what to put here. My name is Toyotami, but you can call me Toya, well that's not my real name....XD
I like to draw a lot and I'm still improving. I do alot of drawings traditionaly, and I mainly use regualr cryola markers since I can't afford the expensive stuff yet....
I'm trying to learn to do digital stuff too! But I'm not to serious about it right now.
I also like to make my own stories too, I have some post here and the others are WIP for now.
I join TheOtaku about 5 years ago, I found it when I was searching for fanmade comics, I just love this place. It's really nice and friendly! I also consider this place my homebase, I perfer it over DeviantArt.

In here you'll just find random stuff, from maybe life post, to WIP to even just doodles. Feel free to look around! XD
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a doodle i did a while back and finished it now. was experimenting with textures again!!! XD

Drew Zebra, my character!!! i think this would be the first time he looks serious!!! or kiddish!!!

no real meaning to the title but i was thinking about the theme song for Jennifer’s Body?

went something like: “I’m still breathing now……” i can’t remeber lol that movie is somewhat okay but i don’t find it scary!!! XD

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