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About Me: hhhmmm, I don't really know what to put here. My name is Toyotami, but you can call me Toya, well that's not my real name....XD
I like to draw a lot and I'm still improving. I do alot of drawings traditionaly, and I mainly use regualr cryola markers since I can't afford the expensive stuff yet....
I'm trying to learn to do digital stuff too! But I'm not to serious about it right now.
I also like to make my own stories too, I have some post here and the others are WIP for now.
I join TheOtaku about 5 years ago, I found it when I was searching for fanmade comics, I just love this place. It's really nice and friendly! I also consider this place my homebase, I perfer it over DeviantArt.

In here you'll just find random stuff, from maybe life post, to WIP to even just doodles. Feel free to look around! XD
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trying really hard to pull myself out of an art block so, bam! Random Cat girl! lol

I’m actually looking forward to working on this. she has pretty pink hair and I’ve been wanting to do a character with pink hair though I don’t like the color pink. Q w Q’

ah the final drawing looks somewhat different from the original sketch! lol 

this was done for a contest! 

I normally don’t draw myself, so instead I gijinkafied my self insert TomTom! she’s normally a white bunny with pink bows,but she’ll take my place.
anyways this is what she would look like if she was a vocaloid! I freaking love vocaloids and their designs, so I tried to stick to something similar to theirs. O 3 O’

I don’t really like the color pink but it was the only thing that looks good with TomTom. oTL
I also messed around with coloring, but it’s still the same.
Done on Sai and PS.
Listened to some vocaloid songs as I worked on this! it was fun. XD

started off as a blob and somehow got turn into a dress thingy? XD 

I was also messing with the setting on Sai when I did this! maybe now that the weekend is approaching I can finally get some time to draw!